Holiday Season!


What Your Christmas Present from Your Partner Says About Your Relationship

Christmas is the time where you really find out whether the person you're having sex with knows you at all.
Annie Lord
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The White House Is Looking for Just About Anyone to Play Its Christmas Events

Now's your chance to join past Trump event performers, like 3 Doors Down and the USA Freedom Kids—even if you have to cover travel expenses yourself.
River Donaghey

Rob Zombie Hates Christmas

We talked to the musician and director about his film '31', creepy clowns, and what his Christmas movie would be like.
Mack Lamoureux
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In the Church of the Trap God: Gucci Mane's Comeback Show Was an Atlanta Revival

Gucci's return means a shift in Atlanta trap music culture, and if the energy of the night—which featured appearances from artists like 2 Chainz, OJ da Juiceman, Future, and Drake—was any indication, it’s headed in a positive direction.
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Americans Want More Guns Under the Tree This Year

Firearm sales over the holiday season soar amid increased fear of terrorism attacks and perceived tightening of gun control laws.
Liz Fields
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People Are Mad About This Guy's Zombie Nativity Scene in His Front Yard

He's launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise support for his undead manger scene, despite angry Baptist flyers and a court summons from the county.
VICE Staff
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LIVE: President Obama Speaks About Homeland Security from the White House

President Obama will address to the nation from the White House Wednesday morning to speak about the state of US homeland security as we enter the 2016 holiday season.
River Donaghey

Does Domestic Violence Actually Rise During the Holidays?

Actually, the opposite may be true.
Kristen Gwynne
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Where Are All the Christmas-Themed Video Games?

Most holiday-themed titles are cheaply produced or downright weird, leaving us without a true video game equivalent of "A Christmas Carol" or "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer."
Grant Pardee

A DIY-Minded Guide to Holiday Gift Giving

Here's 16 holiday gift ideas that'll let you ditch Black Friday lines by doing-it-yourself.
Becky Chung

Why Is Black Friday Such a Lawless Shitshow?

As stampeding crowds rush the nation's retailers little is being done to keep the peace.
Justin Glawe

Here's What Happens When You Eat Too Much on Thanksgiving

Scientists show us what's happening as we approach the brink of food coma. It's not pretty.
Robert S. Eshelman