home alone 2


Kevin McAllister Is a Monster

The idea that he was the savior of the 'Home Alone' movies is woefully inaccurate.


An Oral History of ‘Home Alone’ from the Actors That Were the McCAllisters

Including the time Michael Jackson visited the set of 'Home Alone 2.'


You Can Pay the Plaza Hotel $900 to Feel Forgotten by Your Parents This Christmas

The hotel is offering a 'Home Alone 2' experience, complete with a massive ice cream sundae, a paint can, and a limo ride, for a little extra cash.


Examining the Lethality of the Booby Traps in ‘Home Alone’

Blowtorches and bricks are the ingredients for a medical emergency.


A British Kid Flew to Italy Without a Passport, Ticket, or Boarding Pass

In 2012, trying to make fun of ridiculous airport security and TSA ineptitude makes for worse stand up comedy than Kenny Bania, but at least we're safer, right? I mean, with all of the idiotic shoe-removing, body scanning, and luggage searching...