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Young Canadians are Giving Up on Home Ownership

But it’s because the government has made it too difficult to qualify for a mortgage, says a new report.
Vanmala Subramaniam
student loans

WTF Ways to Pay Off Your Student Loans That Could Actually Work

Desperate for a way to pay down your college debt that doesn't involve eating tuna sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next 10 years? Here are some of the weirder ways people are tackling their five-figure student loan bills.
Shomari Wills

I Tried to Make My Home Energy-Efficient and It's Ruining My Life

People across America are pitched what seems like a win-win: make your house more climate-friendly for little or no money down. Advocates say it's a nightmare.
David Dayen
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Woman Bought a House by Selling 20 iPhones from Her 20 Boyfriends

The mastermind gave her boyfriends a true test of love by asking them each to buy her a phone, then sold all the phones to cover a down payment.
VICE Staff

Dating While Being Broke Sucks

How could I talk about building a foreseeable future with another person when so much of my own hinged on making just a little bit more an hour?
Sajae Elder

Why more Americans can't afford to buy homes

US homeownership tumbled to the lowest level in five decades during the second quarter of 2016.
Matt Phillips

Does Renting into Your 30s Make You a Giant Failed Adult Baby?

It's possible to have a fulfilling, financially stable life that doesn't involve home ownership, but you better be prepared to learn a lot about investing.
Emma Do
VICE vs Video games

These Are the Things You Will Probably Only Ever Do in Video Games

Leave an audio log? Flirt outrageously with everyone? Strafe? There are some gaming actions that should never cross over into our realities.
Julia Hardy