Why Are You Doing That?

Beer Can Aficionados Talk About Their Fascination with Collecting

A lot of beer can collectors don't even drink beer.
Angela Skujins

Meet the Guy Brewing Ants into His Beer

For sour beer brewers, bugs are gold.
Christopher Crosby
The beer idiot

Why I Don't Bother Brewing My Own Beer

Homebrewing is a solution without a problem—like the smart toaster or a gritty Super Mario reboot.
Jesse Farrar

This Company Wants You to Eat Beer

American breweries create billions of pounds of waste every year—and one company wants you to eat it.
Jelisa Castrodale
first-person shooter

Being a Craft Beer Brewer Is Just as Chill as You Think

In this edition of First-Person Shooter, we sent some cameras to a guy who makes quality beer at a microbrewery in Oregon. Based on his photos, we think he has one of the best jobs.
Julian Master

How a Tiny Homebrew Shop Kicked Off a Craft Beer Revolution in Israel

Denny Neilson is the American father of Israeli microbrewing and the sole purveyor of hard apple cider in the land of milk and honey. As the craft brewing scene has exploded in Israel over the past decade, he’s been there every step of the way.
Ilan Ben Zion

This Machine Lets You Instantly Make Beer Out of Water

SodaStream is now selling a special beer concentrate formula called “Blondie” that will fit into their home machines and let people instantly make a glass of 4.5 percent ABV beer.
Wyatt Marshall
Saudi Arabia

How Illegal Homebrewing in Teetotaling Saudi Arabia Changed My Life

I am the founder of The Brooklyn Brewery, but I owe my success in the beer business to an unlikely country, Saudi Arabia, where people have been publicly whipped and sometimes beheaded for producing and selling alcoholic beverages.
Steve Hindy

Students in Zimbabwe Are Making Beer With Breakfast Cereal

Authorities have banned cereal and oatmeal in certain schools because students were using them to get drunk.
Nick Rose

Illegal Beer Is Brewing a Massive Following in Venezuela

Small-batch artisanal Venezuelan craft breweries are on the rise and trying to meet demand for their illegal beers. Prohibition-era laws and black-market economics, be damned.
Alexandra Baumhardt

Moonshine Runs Through the Veins of Prince Edward Island

The culture of moonshine is strong in poor, rural Canadian areas where people are used to making everything from scratch, cherish a healthy disrespect for politics and the law, and have plenty of acreage to work in total obscurity.
Ivy Knight

Gaza's Christians Brew Illegal Wine in Defiance of Hamas

Amid the ongoing violence between Hamas and Israel, Gaza's small Christian community continues to practice its age-old traditions—and that means brewing home-made, illegal wine right under the noses of the people in power.
Ashley Gallagher