sex work

Everything You Find in a Sex Worker’s Home

A photographer reveals the telling items she has seen in the homes of sex workers across Canada.
Allison Tierney

Welcome to the Hieroglyph of the Human Soul | City of the Seekers

Visionary artist Leigh McCloskey isn’t your typical Hollywood actor.
Tanja M. Laden

A Photographer's Final Glimpse Inside the Los Feliz Murder Mansion in All Its Creepy Glory

Alexis Vaughn toured the inside of LA's best murder house in January. These old artifacts (and the ghosts?) have since been cleared out.
Photos: Alexis Vaughn; Written by Mike Pearl
Election '15

Regeneration Game

In part three, we hear how the demolition of the Heygate Estate was "the worst social housing disaster of recent times."
Vice Beta
Election '15

Regeneration Game

In part two, we meet the people hoping to get rich off London's regeneration at the MIPIM international property trade show.
Vice Beta
Election '15

Regeneration Game

In part one, we meet British protesters fighting rapid gentrification in the UK, hoping for the chance to live in housing-crisis-hit Newham, England.
Vice Beta

A Brief History of People Stealing Entire Houses

Making off with a whole house is hard to manage, hard to get away with, and hard on the victims. It also happens more often than you might think.
Mike Pearl

Report: Homes in Australia Got Even Less Affordable in 2014

Australia is approaching an "affordability ceiling", in the sense that the ceiling is the only part of the house you'll be able to afford.
Lee Zachariah

Porn Veteran Eva Angelina Is Now a Real Estate Agent

You may know Eva Angelina for her many accolades, like the AVN awards for Best Tease Performance, but since she gained her real estate license in May, she’s been trying to sell property other than her titties.
Marissa Miller
into the weird

Michael Edwards Takes Sexy Photos of Ladies at Their Homes

If you google me, you'll find a photo of me in my underwear from a photo shoot for Me in My Place, a website and phone app collecting pictures of scantily clad girls at their homes. Recently, I sat down with the site's founder, Michael Edwards, to talk...
Sophie Saint Thomas
The Photo Issue 2008

Norwegians At Home

You may think that these Scandinavians are just a bunch of weird hillbillies, but these fuckers have got some excellent interior and home design going.
Rune Johansen