• 11.13.12

      Queering the Qur’an

      Al-Kisa’i al-Kufi is the man who gave us one of the seven canonical readings of the Qur’an in Sunni Islam. He devoted his life to knowing and teaching the Qur’an. Along the way, he apparently fucked dudes. The lips that he used to recite divine...

    • 9.20.12

      Look at Andrew Horn's 'Taint'

      Andrew Horn is behind the “Gay Smutcore” zine called 'Taint,' which he produced during his transition from rampant junkie to sober artist and social good-doer.

    • 6.25.12

      Homos in the Big House

      I feel like there’s a universally accepted idea that prison is a homosexual’s paradise based on very little evidence.

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    • 6.19.12

      Jesus Days, 1978 - 1983

      Greg Reynolds was a closeted gay man involved in a huge evangelical Christian organization. These photos were shot during Bible studies, group prayers, and mission trips abroad.