homo sapiens


Researchers Use AI to Discover Evidence of Unknown Human Ancestor In Our DNA

The research explains how a third ancient human ancestor bred with humans to produce the modern human genome.


This Is the Oldest Drawing by Humans Ever Found

Dating back 73,000 years, the drawing smashes the record for oldest figurative drawing by about 30,000 years.


Homo Sapiens Have Been on Earth 100,000 Years Longer Than We Thought

A new discovery rewrites human history.


Wildlife Camera Trap Shoots Rare Footage of Naked Human

Behold, the elusive, ass-naked Homo sapien.


Neanderthal Inbreeding Made Some Humans Weaker Today

Harmful mutations in Neanderthals' genome left some humans today with a genetic burden.


Human-Borne Diseases May Have Contributed to Neanderthal Extinction

Sorry for the genital herpes, Neanderthals.


Japanese Researchers Want to Row to Taiwan on Rafts to Solve an Ancient Mystery

In the age of high-speed transport, Japanese researchers are turning to some vintage methods to find the origins of the Japanese people.