My Dad's Military Job Was to Fire Gay People Like Me

"It is tough imaging my father investigating gays and lesbians, turning them into his superiors who would then drum them out of the military. His actions ruined lives."
Samuel Mason
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Ellen Page Accuses Director Brett Ratner of Homophobic Harassment

Page claimed Ratner told another woman on the 'X-Men' set “you should fuck her to make her realize she’s gay.”
Manisha Krishnan
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Gay Pastor Admits He Lied About the Slur on His Whole Foods Cake

Apparently Whole Foods's $100,000 lawsuit made Pastor Jordan Brown second-guess his hoax.
Helen Donahue

​There’s Never Been a Worse Time to Be Gay in Indonesia

A gay panic that started with LGBTQI emojis has escalated to a full on government crackdown.
Erin Cook

A Viral Video of Straight Men Holding Hands Doesn't Teach Us About the Gay Experience

A British host's social experiment may have opened a dialogue about homophobia, but he's not going to internalize the hatred, and that's a sticking point for myself and other gay people.
Chris Mandle

Who Is A Hacker And Who Is A Whistle Blower?

The way we speak about people who leak information, be they hackers or whistleblowers, is divided by a perceived social agenda—hackers are trolls and whistleblowers are martyrs.
Wendy Syfret

Fred Phelps Just Died – Fuck That Guy

The Westboro founder has gone to live with the big fag-hater in the sky. Pity him for his grim, motiveless anger, but let’s at least remember him as he would have wanted us to: as a psychotic, sadistic life-wrecker and overall bad egg.
Gavin Haynes

Being Trans in Jamaica Sounds Even Worse Than Being Gay in Jamaica

Last week, in Jamaica, 16-year-old Dwayne Jones was shot and stabbed multiple times for turning up to a party in women's clothing. Dwayne's murder highlighted the awful reality of life for Jamaica's LGBT community. I spoke to Tiana Miller, a...
Nick Chester