Why Aren't Young Guys Going to the Gay Paradise of Key West?

The Florida island used to be a famous destination for gay men, but with homosexuality becoming more acceptable in the mainstream, do gays still need a sanctuary?
Matthew Leifheit
being gay is beautiful in

Being Gay Is Beautiful in Berlin

This week, our photo column "Being Gay Is Beautiful" takes us to Berlin, where Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert makes delicate, natural light portraits of guys in their homes.
Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert

Subpoenaing Sermons About Gay People Is a Terrible Idea

Annise Parker, the openly gay Democratic mayor of Houston, has thrown Christian conservatives the juiciest of bones.
Emily DePrang

We Went to a Convention for Gay Police Officers in Berlin

The image of the gay cop has been fetishized to death over the last few decades. Tom of Finland, Village People, George Michael, and so many others have done their darndest to cement the homo cop into the public psyche, but it's a safe bet that none of...
Stefan Lauer

Gay Icon Sally Jessy Raphael Returns with Logo's 'Sally Jessy Rides'

We went to the talk show legend's house to discuss her new show on Logo.com.
Mitchell Sunderland

I Watched One of Britain's First-Ever Gay Weddings

The couple walked down the aisle to Mariah and the wedding was attended by Camden's hunky gay mayor.
Amelia Abraham

Gay in Nigeria: Young Men Discuss Bigotry and Sexuality

“The arguments always revolve around two ideologies: Old Testament teachings and the belief that it's not African to be gay.”
Oscar Rickett

Does a Gay Guy's Face Reveal if He Is a Top or a Bottom?

Dr. Nicholas O. Rule and Konstantin Tskhay asked 23 people to guess the sexual inclinations of 200 gay men based on photographs of their faces. Even when the faces were taken completely out of context, the study participants were able to guess the men...
Rose Lichter-Marck

Hey Homophobes, Stop Calling Individuals "Organizations" to Make Yourselves Seem More Legit

On Wednesday, a coalition of over 40 homophobic hate groups got together to run an ad in 'USA Today' urging the Boy Scouts of America to continue discriminating against gay people. Looking down the list of "undersigned organizations" in the ad, I'd...
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

Trying to Understand the English Gays at Oxford

I figured I'd be sleeping with loads of pretentious intellectuals when I accepted an invitation to attend Oxford, but instead I found myself getting licked on the face by "straight" boys, openly disparaged by snooty gays, and dealing with centuries of...
Mitchell Sunderland

The VICE Guide to Being Gay

Everything you ever wanted to know about gayness, but were too afraid to ass.
VICE Staff
VICE Guide To San Francisco

San Francisco Is All in a Gay’s Work

Hey man, I ain't no fruitcake! Sure, I own seasons 1 and 2 of <i>Noah&rsquo;s Arc </i>on DVD, but so what? Lots of straight dudes do. It&rsquo;s a really good show! Did you see the episode where Wade went on a date with T-Money? Or was it Chance who...
Jason Crombie