Honda's Awesome Asimo Robot Is Headed to the Scrapheap

Asimo’s death marks the end of an era of hope for robotics.
Matthew Gault
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This Guy Made a Genius Commercial to Sell a 1996 Honda Accord

"A car for people that have life figured out and just need a way to get somewhere."
River Donaghey

Cars Are Crashing a Lot Better Than They Did 20 Years Ago

Watch a car from the 90s get totally rekt.
Samantha Cole
Los Angeles

This Is What Happened When the Doughnut Shop from ‘Wayne’s World’ Came to Life

For 18 glorious hours this past weekend, fans of the NHL and Wayne’s World were able to relive their favorite scenes from the film and gorge on free doughnuts and coffee.
Javier Cabral

'Women and Wheels' Photos Capture Ladies Who Ride

See female motor vehicle enthusiasts portrayed by Milwaukee-based photographer and motorcyclist Sarah Vaun.
B. David Zarley

Happy Birthday Gamera, Japan's Friendlier Godzilla

50 years ago, the tone of giant monster movies began to change, reflecting a more relaxed stance on atomic annihilation.
Zack Kotzer

Watch Honda’s Engine Tech Evolve in This Stop Motion Clip

The company used paper and stop motion to illustrate its history of engineering.
Emiko Jozuka
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Is Fake Rice Actually Circulating Throughout Asia?

There's an earth-shattering rumor circulating throughout Asia: apparently fake rice—made of a mixture of white and sweet potatoes and a core of synthetic resin—is being sold as real rice that could kill you. Is it actually true?
Alex Swerdloff

Honda Wants You to Build Your Own Home So They Can Make It Smart

Honda open sourced its smart home—except for the part that actually makes it smart.
Jason Koebler
Motherboard Blog

Goodbye Walking, Hello UNI-CUB

In the aisles of a Wal-Mart, I don't know what wrinkles my nose more, the little 8-year-old kid with the little wheels in his shoes, whizzing past me with a push-pop, or his parents that bought the damn things. Probably, they had little choice, upon...
Daniel Stuckey