Obsessive Tendencies

In Being Honest, Lily Allen Makes It Easier for the Rest of Us

I found myself feeling many things when reading the popstar’s new memoir, 'My Thoughts Exactly,' but mainly I felt relief.
Daisy Jones

How to Get Back Together with Your Ex

According to experts.
Anna Goldfarb

People Who Swear Are More Likely to Be Honest: Study

Ain’t that the fucking truth.
Jake Kivanc
Girl Writer

I Tried Being Brutally Honest with the Guys I'm Dating

"Your lack of ambition is a turn-off, and I don't see myself dating you because of it."
Alison Stevenson

How to Lie: Pro Tips from an Undercover Cop, a Lawyer, and a Dominatrix

To get some insight into the world of deceit, we talked to people who have to lie like it's their job.
Zach Sokol
Internet Exploring

Cher’s Twitter is a Glorious, Trump-Hating, Caps Lock Lesson in Keeping It Real

If Twitter is a swimming pool, then Cher is doing bombs off the highest possible diving board.
Daisy Jones
so sad today

Fuck Music, Let’s Talk About Feelings: An Interview with Oneohtrix Point Never

On the eve of Oneohtrix Point Never's latest album release, 'Garden of Delete,' So Sad Today talks with Daniel Lopatin about depression, endless chilling, and the importance of honesty in performance.
So Sad Today

Everyone Is Pretty Much Lying All the Time, According to a Professor Who Studies Deception

On the continuum between total truth-telling and dishonesty, most of what people say falls somewhere in between.
Bill Kilby
Why Is This Still a Thing?

Why Are Lie Detectors Still a Thing?

Despite reams of studies that say you can’t reliably tell lies from bodily responses, this popular device lives on.
Clinton Nguyen
The Blobby Boys & Friends

Blobby Girls

Alex Schubert joined a cult and we rescued him back, but the deprogramming is taking FOREVER. Until he's back to his old shitty self, his comic is being guest-drawn by others. This week, artist Penelope Gazin does her feminine take on the Blobby Boys.
Penelope Gazin
Paris Lees

You Need to Learn to Handle the Truth

A few years ago, I asked a pregnant friend what she'd do if her baby was born fugly. "I'd want people to lie," she said. "I'd want people to tell me she's the most beautiful baby in the world." Isn't that rather meaningless?
Paris Lees