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They Said Indie Rock Was Dead but Win Butler Put Up a Double-Double in Last Night’s Celebrity All-Star Game

And his East team won too.
Alex Robert Ross
the black arrow

Remembering Gil Heron, The First Black Footballer To Play For Celtic

Nicknamed ‘The Black Arrow’ by his fans, Heron made a significant cultural impression on Scotland. That has been somewhat overshadowed by the exploits of his son, Gil Scott.
Will Magee
Noisey News

President Obama Is Totally Going to Own Kendrick Lamar at Basketball

The audacity of hoops.
Phil Witmer

Pretend It's Not Monday: Here's Hoops' New Tune "Gemini"

You could pretend it's the late 70s in middle America for instance. Or the late 80s in Manchester. "Gemini" is evocative like that.
Kim Taylor Bennett
the lincoln red imps have great character

Brendan Rodgers’ Celtic Reign Gets Off To A Highly Appropriate Start

If you can’t handle Rodgers’ excuses when you lose to the Lincoln Red Imps, Celtic fans, then how are you going to cope when you lose games that actually matter?
Will Magee

Matt Freeman, The Kiwi College Basketballer in Oklahoma Hoping to Be the Next Steven Adams

Steven Adams may cast a big shadow on basketball in Oklahoma, but there's a new Kiwi boy in town
Beatrice Hazlehurst

VICE Sports Q&A: Clyde Drexler Talks Phi Slama Jama, Hakeem, and Steph Curry

Clyde Drexler was a legend in college, a legend in the NBA, and a legend in the Olympics. He reflects on hoops in Houston, Portland, and Barcelona.
Larry Burnett
The Horse Is a Horse of Course of Course Issue

We Shootin’ Hoops

Listen to "We Shootin’ Hoops," the long-lost classic by the completely unknown white 80s hip-hop artist, Rat Tail, whose current whereabouts are unknown.
Brett Gelman
The Mercy Rule

Welcome to the NBA Finals

Who will be the champions of The Year the Season Started at Christmas Because the Buttsteak Owner of the Suns Wanted to Prove Some Dim Point About Unions or Whatever?
David Roth

If You Don’t Like the Spurs, You’re a Wall-Eyed Moron

The Spurs don’t deserve their rough reputation among idiot half-awake check-in basketball fans. They're the NBA’s model franchise.
Zaphod Weinberger