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The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump threatens to leave Obamacare in place if his bill doesn't pass, Egypt's Mubarak released after six years in prison, former Russian politician shot dead in Ukraine, and more.
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the politics of the africa cup of nations

How the Africa Cup of Nations Became a Powerful Propaganda Tool

Since its inception in 1957, the Africa Cup of Nations has been used to further political agendas across the continent. Here, we look at how its propaganda value has changed down the years.
Will Magee
Crime & Drugs

Autopsy of Italian Student Murdered in Egypt Said to Reveal Signs of Brutal Interrogation

The findings reportedly point to interrogation methods such as burning with cigarettes, the strongest indication yet that Giulio Regeni was killed by Egyptian security services.
Reuters News Agency
defense & security

European Companies Sold Spy Tech to a Secret Egyptian Intelligence Unit Amid Brutal Repression

Little is known about the so-called Technical Research Department, a shadowy Egyptian intelligence unit reporting directly to the president. But we do know European companies did business with it.
Namir Shabibi

Egypt Cracks Down Hard to Prevent Protests on Anniversary of 2011 Revolution

Egyptian security forces have conducted raids, clamped down on social media, and blocked roads to Tahrir Square ahead of the fifth anniversary of the revolution on January 25.
Mohamed Ezz
middle east

Egypt’s Youth Ignore the Election and Vote With Their Feet

Plagued by unemployment and hoping to leave a stagnant Egypt to work abroad, young people couldn't care less about an election where only one eligible Egyptian in four voted.
David Enders
middle east

No One Is Showing Up for Egypt’s Election, Including The Party That Won Last Time

The first vote for parliament after Egypt's military coup is lacking two important elements: The Muslim Brotherhood and voters.
David Enders
middle east

Egypt Bans a Businessman, a Belly Dancer, and 'Drug Users' From Upcoming Elections

Parliamentary elections have been repeatedly delayed, and Egypt’s few remaining serious political parties are struggling to get organize before next week’s elections.
Avi Asher-Schapiro
middle east

Germany Releases Journalist it Arrested On Egypt's Behalf

British-Egyptian Al Jazeera journalist Ahmed Mansour has been released without charge in Berlin after he was detained for two nights, accused by Cairo of a series of crimes.
John Beck

Suicide Bomber Strikes at Egypt's Ancient Karnak Temple

There is no immediate word on casualties resulting from the attack, which targeted a tourist destination visited by millions of foreign and Egyptian people every year.

Hosni Mubarak to Face One More Trial for the Killing of Protesters

The dismissal of the Egyptian ex-dictator's conviction for the killing of protesters sparked mass protest in Cairo earlier this year. Now, the country's highest court has ruled he will face a retrial.
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Egypt Court Issues Death Penalty for Georgetown Political Science Professor

The professor was sentenced to death in absentia on charges of espionage as Egypt continues its crackdown on dissent.
Farid Farid