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The World's Best Hospital Food Is in a Japanese Maternity Ward

A series of viral photos from a new mom suggests hospital food in Japan is pretty damn incredible.
Mayukh Sen

The Beauty of the British Hospital Canteen

Despite funding cuts and back door privatization, the NHS is still Britain’s greatest achievement. And where better to taste that founding spirit of care and social justice than in its communal dining spaces?
Nell Frizzel

Why Reinventing Hospital Food Isn't as Easy as It Sounds

For many years, Joshna Maharaj has set her sights on improving “institutional foods,” the typically dreary menus of hospitals, prisons, and schools. But her journey has not been without its share of challenges.
Gigen Mammoser
hospital food

Hospital Staff Agrees that Their Food Is Terrible After Eating It for a Week

You’ll find bad hospital food around the globe, but according to Wallace, even some of the staff at Ottawa Hospital agreed that the food was particularly bad.
Wyatt Marshall
Fast Food

Man Who Wakes From Coma Immediately Asks for Taco Bell

The words that Booth managed to utter out of his tracheotomy-scarred throat were: “I want Taco Bell.”
Alex Swerdloff
Restaurant Confessionals

Your Hospital Food Sucks Because I'm Not Allowed to Taste It

Working at a hospital is sometimes gory, sometimes tragic, and sometimes uplifting. But most importantly, it's not my fault that the food's gross.
mental health

How to Eat Well in the Psych Ward

One may assume that following the incredibly romanticized trope of psych wards in popular films, patients are too assuaged with the pain of self-hatred or insane medicinal cocktails to care about eating. False.
Penelope Q
hospital food

RIP UK Hospital Food As We Know It (Hopefully)

Will Britain's health secretary Jeremy Hunt's new, legally-binding measures really change the piss-poor state of food in NHS hospitals?
Eleanor Morgan

Americans Can Kiss Shitty Hospital Food Goodbye

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, hospitalized Americans can say au revoire to jiggly jello and stinky meatloaf.
Antonia Massa

Carrot Pulp, Marshmallows, and Popcorn: How I Ate My Way Through Chemotherapy

Being told you have colon cancer at 17 weeks pregnant is unfathomable, but it was a reality for me. During the chemotherapy process, my relationship to food completely changed. Cold drinks felt like popping candy, and I can now never look at popcorn in...
Matilda Tristram