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Active shooter has taken hostages at largest veterans home in U.S.

Law enforcement and emergency response personnel have confirmed an active shooter situation is underway.
Alex Lubben

Canadian and American hostages appeal to Trump and Obama in new scripted video

Held in captivity by a Taliban-linked group, Caitlan Coleman and Joshua Boyle appeared with their children for first time.
Hilary Beaumont
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Abu Sayyaf is now vowing to behead a Norwegian hostage in the Philippines

The Filipino militant group has already beheaded two Canadians who were held hostage alongside Kjartan Sekkingstad. "There is no more ultimatum, we are going to behead this Norwegian anytime today," a spokesman told the Mindanao Inquirer.
Hilary Beaumont
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As Clock Ticks on Hostages Held By Abu Sayyaf, Canada to Raise Ransom Issue at G7 Talks

A "final message" video released this weekend by the Filipino militants demands a ransom payment for one of two remaining Canadian hostages, Robert Hall.
Hilary Beaumont

Justin Trudeau Stresses ‘Canada Will Not Pay Ransom to Terrorists’ After Hostage Beheaded

On Monday, John Ridsdel, a former Canadian mining executive, was killed in the Philippines. He had been kidnapped alongside another Canadian man, a Norwegian and a Filipina woman by the militant group Abu Sayyaf in September.
Natalie Alcoba and Rachel Browne
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'They Will Execute Us': Hostages Beg for Help in the Philippines for Third Time

Filipino Islamist captors took two Canadian men, a Norwegian and a Filipino woman at gunpoint from a beach resort on Samal Island in the Philippines in September of 2015.
Tamara Khandaker

This Is What Happened at the Bataclan Concert Hall During the Paris Attacks

12 days after the Paris terror attacks, witnesses and investigators have helped establish a clear picture of what happened inside the venue.
Lucie Aubourg

Remaining Hostages Freed in Mali Hotel Siege, But 27 Are Dead

Malian commandos have carried out an operation to free more than 100 hostages trapped in a luxury hotel in the capital Bamako, but more than 20 have died.
Reuters and VICE News
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Islamic State Claims to Kill Chinese and Norwegian Hostages, Publishes Photos

The terrorist group released purported photos of the men in the latest issue of its propaganda outlet 'Dabiq'. They were earlier identified as Ole Johan Grimsgaard-Ofstad, a 48-year-old from Oslo, and Fan Jinghui, a 50-year-old from Beijing.
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These Filipino Jihadists Want $100M to Release Hostages Abducted at Resort

“These people are serious and very treacherous,” pleads Canadian Robert Hall as one man holds a machete near his throat and yanks his head back in a new video. Another Canadian, a Norwegian and a Filipino were also abducted.
Rachel Browne
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Pirates Could Make a Comeback as Illegal Fishing Returns to Somalia's Coast

Tensions between local fishermen and unregulated foreign vessels are at a boiling point, leading officials to fear that desperate Somalis will soon launch a second pirate war that will be much deadlier than the first.
Catrina Stewart
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Kidnapped Turkish Workers Shown in Iraqi 'Death Squad' Video Pledging Their Release

The kidnapping occurred on September 2, when gunmen in military uniforms later identified as members of a Shia militia abducted 18 workers from a construction site in Iraq.
Colleen Curry and Reuters