Hot Boys


The Photographer Who Shot the Hot Boys on the Cusp of Stardom

Richard Ross travelled from New York to New Orleans in 1998 to photograph Lil Wayne, B.G., Juvenile, and Turk, just as Cash Money exploded. We speak with him about the experience, almost 20 years on.


"Bling Bling" Was Just the Best Thing Ever

The song isn't just Lil Wayne's breakout moment; it's also a foundational part of rap itself.


Turk Reflects on Lil Wayne and the Hot Boys

In an interview with A Year of Lil Wayne, the Hot Boy reflects on their classic albums and the need for a Cash Money reunion.


Respect the Hot Boys Today, Whoadie

In the year 2000 (and 2017), it's all about Wayne.


Nothing Was Hotter Than the Hot Boys' 'Guerrilla Warfare'

In the video for "We on Fire," B.G. actually caught on fire.


Let's Enjoy Some Rhymes with the Version of the Hot Boys We Never Enjoy

'Let 'Em Burn' does not get much attention, for understandable reasons. But that doesn't mean Wayne's rapping isn't fun to listen to.


Remembering the Time the Geto Boys and Hot Boys Teamed Up to Win

Here's, "Dem Boyz," a Willie D song from 2000 featuring Lil Wayne and Scarface.


A Year of Lil Wayne: What Was It Like to Discover Wayne in the 90s?

Imagine a time before the word "bling" even existed, when you couldn't just look an unknown rapper up online.


A Year of Lil Wayne: The Time The Hot Boys Ended Up on a Song with Notorious B.I.G.

On the 20th anniversary of Biggie's death, a look back at his influence on Lil Wayne.


A Year of Lil Wayne: LeBron James Reunited the Hot Boys for All-Star Weekend

It's not just the NBA all stars who are in New Orleans this weekend.


A Year of Lil Wayne: "I Like Dat"

Relationships are complicated.


A Year of Lil Wayne: Hot Boys and Three 6 Done Cliqued Up, Whoadie

In 1999, Cash Money and Hypnotize Minds connected for a posse cut that will still make you turn the club upside down.