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Devin Nunes Thinks Democrats Really Want Nude Pictures of Trump

A bizarre start to the questioning of Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire.


It’s Official: Pelosi Says the Impeachment Inquiry Is On

The House Speaker announced the probe late Tuesday: "No one is above the law."


Republicans Avoided Complete Disaster in North Carolina's Special Congressional Election

President Trump pulled out all the stops not to lose what should be a safe Republican district.


The GOP Is Flipping Out That Will Hurd and Other Moderates Are Suddenly Retiring

"This is devastating news for House Republicans,” said former Rep. Carlos Curbelo.


Even Trump's Racist Attacks Can't Seem To Unify Pelosi and “The Squad”

For some Democrats, a toothless resolution condemning the president will not suffice.


Campaign Cash and 5 Affairs: Duncan Hunter’s Corruption Trial Just Took Another Wild Turn

Hunter is accused of using campaign funds to wine and dine his partners.


Run for President and Lose Your House Seat? It Could Happen to These 2020 Candidates

Gabbard, Moulton, Ryan and Swalwell are balancing national aspirations with their own local job security.


Tax felon who threatened to throw a guy off a balcony wants to be in Congress — again

“I’m 90 percent of the way there to run,” Grimm told Politico.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Teaching Democrats How to Be Good at Twitter

She's leading a session for her colleagues on "the most effective ways to engage constituents on Twitter and the importance of digital storytelling."


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Now Going Viral for [Spins Wheel] a College Dance Video

The tiredest in a long line of tired attacks.


The Significance of Rashida Tlaib Wearing a Palestinian Thobe

Rashida Tlaib's decision to wear a traditional Palestinian thobe to be sworn into Congress honors both her roots and her politics—and symbolizes a turning point for Palestinian representation in American politics.


5 big fights Democrats plan to pick with Trump in January

Voting rights, healthcare, the environment, gun control, and strenuous oversight of the Trump administration.