Heads Up, Hoverboarders: Hackers Could've Hijacked Your Deck Mid-Hover

Researchers gained remote access to a rider's Segway via the official app.


Woman Suffered Burns After Her Headphones Exploded Mid-Flight

The incident was just the latest of a slew of battery-powered electronics to spontaneously combust.


Hoverboard Daredevil Shovels Snow in Nerve-Racking Video

Shovel snow in one fell swoop.


I Saw the Best Minds of My Generation Screaming for Tostitos on a Hoverboard at 5 AM

Why is a man nicknamed "Tostitos Tyler" harassing a cashier in a viral video? Why does he need to be such a dick? Is there a reason anything happens to anyone?


I Went on a Date with Hailee Steinfeld, the Coolest Homeschooled Child Star in the World

Hailee Steinfeld has better luck with her crushes' moms than her crushes.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Apple promises its new iPhone will be harder to hack, France Demands $1.8 Billion from Google in taxes, and Amazon removes all hoverboards from its site.


I'm Very Curious About Markieff Morris's Hoverboard Caddy

What's it like being this guy, anyway?


A Hoverboard Is Changing How This Artist Paints

Abstract painters like Ed Nash are embracing the new technology.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

No charges will be filed in the Tamir Rice killing, the 'Affluenza Teen' has been taken into custody, and Islamic State scholars have outlined when an 'owner' can have sex with a slave.


How Our Digital Obsession with Artists Has Created a New Blueprint for Success

This article was originally published on Noisey UK The name “Halsey” didn’t mean much to many people twelve months ago. This time last year, the moniker used by American singer/songwriter Ashley Nicolette Frangipane was barely known


How Our Digital Obsession with Artists Has Created a New Blueprint for Success

How Halsey, JME, and more have shunned marketing tactics to promote qualities the average music fan is starving for: authenticity and transparency.