Inside Yemen: Film Shows Remnants of US-made Bomb That Killed Civilians

With international media unable to enter Yemen's capital Sanaa, local journalist Yousef Mawry shot footage for VICE News. His images show remnants of a US-made bomb in the rubble of a civilian home.


Israeli Settlements Use Palestinian Child Labor for Products Exported to US and Europe, Rights Group Says

Human Rights Watch interviewed children as young as 11 working in hazardous conditions in West Bank outposts for far less than the Israeli minimum wage.


One Dead After Blast Causes Panicked Kenyan Students to Leap From Windows Amid al Shabaab Fears

An electricity transformer exploded Sunday morning at the University of Nairobi campus, causing a stampede by students who feared al Shabaab was attacking the school.


Human Rights Watch Says Australia Hasn’t Solved Problems, It’s Added New Ones

According to Human Rights Watch's 2015 World Report, Australia isn't doing great.


Why the UK's 'Modern Slavery' Problem Is Only Getting Worse, and New Laws Might Not Help

There are an estimated 8,300 'modern slaves' in the UK. We spoke to Sheila, a former victim, and campaigners who have concerns about legislation currently being debated in the House of Lords.


Jordan Has Started Deporting Medical Workers and Wounded Syrian Refugees

After taking in more than 600,000 refugees, Jordan appears to be tiring of its role and is now expelling Syrians.


Police Accused of 80 Gang Murders and Disappearances During Violent Crime Crackdown in DRC

Human rights advocates claim DRC authorities caused the deaths and disappearances of more than 80 suspected gang members during Operation Likofi in Kinshasa.


Kuwait Offers Stateless Arabs Citizenship in African Country 3,000 Miles Away

Human rights activists are criticizing a move by Kuwait that attempts to relocate the Bidoon — a group of stateless Arabs descended from nomadic Bedouins — to Comoros.


Life with Boko Haram: The Escapees Speak Out

VICE News talked to a Human Rights Watch researcher about a new report based on interviews with Nigerian women and girls horrifically abused in Boko Haram camps.


Ferguson Residents Are Still Angry, As Questions Remain and Protests Continue

Ferguson residents called for local officials to resign at a heated city council meeting, and have obstructed a local highway in protest.


Egypt's Rabaa Massacre of 1,000 Morsi Supporters Went 'According to Plan'

A Human Rights Watch report released today accuses Egypt's government of possible crimes against humanity in dispersing protests in 2013.


US Justice Is Racist, and the UN Is Powerless to Change It

Human Rights Watch points out how the US fails an international promise against racism, but the United Nations can't fix a thing.