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Austin's Here Now, Entertain Him: We Talk Mechs, Kingdom Hearts, THQ, More

These podcasts are supposed be an hour, but woops we talked about the 2015 movie 'Pan' for 30 minutes.
Patrick Klepek

The Thrill Of Defeat, Or An Evening At "Eddie The Eagle"

The new film about Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards, legendarily shitty ski-jumper and comic hero of the 1988 Winter Olympics, is not a hit. But it is surprisingly fun.
Tom Keiser

Despite Die Antwoord's Best Efforts, 'Chappie' Is a Mess

The South African stars lent their odd but undeniable charisma to Neill Blomkamp's latest effort, but if you don't really want to watch Die Antwoord hang out with a childlike robot, this film isn't for you.
Giaco Furino
Internet Exploring

T.I., LL Cool J, and Hugh Jackman Rapping "The Music Man" Together Is a Thing That Exists

We've got Trouble Man in river city. Trouble starts with a T, that ends with an I, and that stands for T.I.
Drew Millard
This Week in Racism

Police Dogs in Los Angeles Are Super Racist

A new study finds that LA Sheriff's Department dogs are biting more blacks and Latinos than white people, despite efforts by the department to reduce the number of minority dog bites in the county.
Dave Schilling
A Few Impressions

Jake Gyllenhaal Is the Perfect Gumshoe in ‘Prisoners’

<i>Prisoners</i> is awesome. I loved, loved, loved it. The atmosphere, the pacing, the framing, the acting, and the subject matter are all so good. I love that my man Jake Gyllenhaal is back as a hard-hitting actor. His detective Loki is mysterious...
James Franco