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This is why Venezuela’s Maduro is still in power

How has Nicolás Maduro managed to hold onto power yet again?
David Noriega

Maduro blasts U.S. as diplomats defy his order to leave

The White House says it no longer recognizes Maduro as Venezuela's president so will not comply with the order.
David Gilbert

How to talk like a populist

Criticism of the elite and references to “the people" are common in populist rhetoric. But whether a populist leader champions liberal or conservative policies, the key is to be consistent.
Milena Mikael-Debass

Venezuela is already the world's worst economy — and it's going to get much worse

Matt Phillips

Massive protests against Venezuelan President Maduro have no end in sight

Weeks of marches amid rising political tensions have underlined how fed-up Venezuelans are with triple-digit inflation and chronic shortages of food and medication.
Eduardo Salazar Uribe
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Inside the Illicit Venezuela-Colombia Gas Smuggling Trade

Take a deeper look into the "kamikaze" gas smuggling trade investigated on last night's episode of Black Market: Dispatches.
Mark Hay

Bolivia opens new military academy to combat US 'imperial oppression'

President Evo Morales said the new academy was Latin America’s answer to the US School of the Americas and its dark history supporting right-wing dictatorships during the Cold War.
Alan Hernandez

Why Venezuela's President Maduro being voted out this year is unlikely

Venezuela's electoral authority announced the next stage of the effort to force a presidential recall referendum cannot start before October, which means the vote itself could not happen until late January.
Alicia Hernández

Venezuela has a new 'forced labor' law that can require people to work in fields

President Nicolás Maduro has signed a decree that allows the labor ministry to order "all workers with enough physical capabilities and technical know-how" to join a government drive to increase food production in the context of severe shortages.
Alan Hernandez

120,000 desperate Venezuelans poured into Colombia to buy food but now the border is closed again

The border between the two countries was closed last August. Days after its Sunday opening, Colombia’s government said it will close the border again.
Alicia Hernández and Joe Parkin Daniels

There’s no sign of an end to Venezuela’s food crisis

This month seven people died, and 37 were injured, in violent protests and looting related to desperation to obtain food, and bungled police efforts to control the situation.
Alicia Hernández

Venezuela sends in the army to deal with food shortage protesters

The stepped up military presence in the coastal city of Cumaná comes the day after 400 people were arrested during protests over food shortages and looting that spun out of control.
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