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Inside the Illicit Venezuela-Colombia Gas Smuggling Trade

Take a deeper look into the "kamikaze" gas smuggling trade investigated on last night's episode of <i>Black Market: Dispatches<i>.
Mark Hay

Hotels, Drugs, and Convertibles: How I Lived Like a King for a Month in Venezuela for Just $115

I stayed in a five-star hotel, bought hundreds of beers for under $15, and paid to fill up the gas in all my neighbors' cars.
Diego Urdaneta

A Venezuelan Governor Is Telling Hungry People to Eat Fried Rocks

So, what in the hell are patriotic Venezuelans to eat in desperate times? Why, rocks of course. Lots and lots of fried rocks.
Alex Swerdloff

Trappist Monks Are Trying to Save Venezuela's Dying Coffee Industry

The monks who live and roast beans at the Roman Catholic Trappist monastery in the mountains above Mérida face shortages like anyone else in the country, but manage to navigate the lawless world of the dwindling coffee industry there.
Alexandra Baumhardt

Venezuela Rising

Yesterday in Caracas, Venezuela, thousands of citizens gathered to mark a year since the passing of the country's late president Hugo Chavez. Meanwhile, across town, protests by anti-government activists continued, unabated.
Alex Miller

Does It Matter That the Venezuelan Opposition Is Funded by the US?

Many of the anti-government opposition groups taking to the streets in Venezuela have been backed by the US for years and are supported by wealthy Venezuelans. Is that reason to be concerned?
Ray Downs

Moustaches for Maduro: Venezuela Elects Chavez’s Successor

Outside the Miraflores presidential palace late on Sunday night, Roman Schuello, 59, stood among the partying red-clad government supporters and sold them fake moustaches that looked like Nicolás Maduro’s. Hours earlier Maduro won Venezuela’s...
Girish Gupta

Chavez: Despot or Saint?

Everyone else seems to be either mourning at or dancing on Hugo Chavez's grave, but I’m feeling decidedly unmoved. And not out of some deep apathy. It’s just that the Chavez being invoked by both supporters and enemies can't be dead because that man...
Bhaskar Sunkara

What a World Without Hugo Chavez Looks Like

Hugo Chavez, the charismatic Venezuelan president, succumbed to his two-year bout with cancer on Tuesday, pushing the Latin American country into a new state of limbo. As the whole world watches, Venezuela now begins its inevitable transition to a post...
Mike Abu
Greg Palast

Vaya Con Dios, Hugo

"It's a chess game, Mr. Palast," Chavez told me. "And I am a very good chess player." When it comes to class war on a chessboard, even in death, I wouldn't bet against Hugo Chavez.
Greg Palast
Greg Palast

Hugo Chavez Told Me He Won't Sell Oil to the Kochs

I’ve been tracking a tube of black putrid ooze, a toxic viper slowly slithering 2,000 miles across the belly of America, swallowing all water aquifers, politicians, and reason in its path. It's called the XL Keystone Pipeline.
Greg Palast

Chavez Has Six More Years in Power

This past Sunday, amid a political climate so polarized that it makes Romney and Obama look like sexed up newlyweds, Venezuela celebrated their presidential elections. Hugo Chavez beat opposition candidate Henrique Capriles, giving him another six...
Paul Geddis