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How London's Economic Dominance is Strangling Soccer in the North-East

London's status as the centre of finance, culture and politics affects every other part of Britain, but nowhere more than the north-east. This is reflected in the region's football clubs, which are struggling to compete with their southern rivals.


The Life and Legacy of Rocky Rocastle In The Words of His Son and Ian Wright

In March 2001, Arsenal legend and fan favourite David Rocastle died from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma at only 33 years of age. We spoke to his son Ryan and former teammate Ian Wright about his life and career.


Oh, What A Phelan: Previewing Hull vs. Manchester United

In the first of this week’s Premier League Previews, we assess how Mike Phelan has taken the absolute piss out of the football commentariat.


Dicing With the Drop: Assessing This Season's Premier League Relegation Battle

There are arguably nine sides that look as though they are at significant risk of relegation this term. With the new season almost upon us, Jonathan Wilson assesses their chances.


Premier League Previews: Crystal Palace, Everton, Hull City & Leicester City

In part two of our Premier League previews we're assessing the fortunes of Crystal Palace, Everton, Hull City and Leicester City.


Hull City Advances to Premier League with Wonder Strike from Deep Out

Hull brought pure theater to their fight to get to the Premier League.


What the Evolution of Kit Sponsors Tells Us About the Premier League

A look back over two decades of shirt sponsors provides a stripped-down history of the Premier League's rapid financial development.


Eden hazard Flying Header

Chelsea go up early on Hull City with a nice cross to Eden Hazard who scores on a flying header.