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shifting tides

Preparing for Japan's Next Tsunami

The island nation’s new warning system will broadcast qualitative alerts like takai and kyodai ("high" and "huge") during future Pacific megathrust earthquakes, to better urge people to evacuate before the waves come.
Matthew Komatsu

The Mental and Social Consequences of Compulsive Hair-Pulling

Echoing the experiences of many, a man in his late 20s described middle school as “absolute hell” because kids perceived him as “the weird kid with missing eyelashes."
Sara Talpos
Your Brain

There's a Chemical In Your Brain That Makes You Want More

Dopamine has been described as just a pleasure molecule, but that's a common misconception.
Shayla Love
sampling errors

If Rich People Are the Variables in ‘Westworld,’ No Wonder the Experiment Sucks

Scientists have warned that disproportionate sampling of wealthy people impacts research results. Delos Incorporated didn’t get the memo.
Becky Ferreira

New Study Finds That Anti-Vaxxers Are Way Into ‘Purity’ and ‘Liberty’

A look at the moral foundations of an anti-science movement.
Michael Byrne

People Who Believe in a Sexual 'Soulmate' Have Worse Sex, Study Says

A recent study examined the difference in sexual satisfaction between people who think that good sex comes from communication and growth, and those who think it depends on destiny.
Kimberly Lawson

Study Finds People Are Morally Outraged by Those Who Decide Not to Have Kids

We talked to the author of a study about why people are deeply unchill about those who don't want to ever spawn offspring.
Kimberly Lawson
human behavior

Wealthy People Don’t Notice Other Human Beings, Study Says

According to a recent study, people who associate themselves with a higher social class tend to care less about others than people in lower social classes.
Kimberly Lawson

​I Asked People on Craigslist Why They’re Giving Up and Selling Their FitBit

The intense dedication to tracking your every move just isn’t sustainable.
Kaleigh Rogers

Meet the Sculpture Searching for Intelligent Life | Spectra-3

Spectra-3 is sculpture-slash-satellite dish yearning to find something else out there like it.
The Creators Project

The Scientists Trying to End Torture

A collection of research has been published to improve interrogation techniques and outline ethical best practices for the US government.
Kaleigh Rogers