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Uber Taps Former Advocates to Conduct ‘Independent’ Sexual Harassment Review

So far, there’s little convincing evidence that Uber’s “independent review” of sexual harassment claims won’t take Uber’s best-interests into mind.


We Asked a HR Expert About Whether It’s Cool to Masturbate at Work

Spoiler: It might be better to ask for a ‘gym break.’


LA Highlights Women’s Innovations in Digital Media Arts

The inaugural edition of Femmebit in LA showcases a new artistic subfield dominated by women.


HR Comes Last at Startups, and Women Pay the Price

Ping-pong table first, HR manager later.


Vienna Might Not Be the Best City in the World After All

The Austrian city has been named the world's most livable, but what does that actually mean, and who is it actually for?


David Roth's Weak in Review: Contemporary Trends in Baseball Human Resources

A frank discussion and meandering free-association about baseball's annual week of hyperspeed commerce, the Dodgers acquiring every active MLB player, and Brian De Palma.


Humane Resources

At Corpus Integrated Production, US, everyone is tracking Jonathan Belvoir.


FC Porto's Sketchy Business Model and Beautiful Team

FC Porto runs itself as a business first and a soccer team second. Which makes it remarkable that their latest crop of mercenaries is so fun to watch.


Your Illustrated Guide to the NBA Trade Deadline

More than eight percent of the players in the NBA were traded on Thursday. We asked our friend Corbin to put that crazy day into perspective using the power of art.