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A Saudi teen just barricaded herself in a Bangkok hotel room out of fear her family will kill her

"Since she escaped trouble to seek our help... we will not send anyone to their death,” said Thai authorities.


Meet the 23-year-old woman clearing out corpses in Mosul by hand

Before they can rebuild Mosul, volunteers first have to clear the corpses.


Burmese military "committed widespread rape" of fleeing Rohingya women

Burmese security forces had “committed widespread rape” against Rohingya women and girls as part of a brutal ethnic cleansing that has forced more than 600,000 Rohingyas to flee their homes.


Activists Aren't Backing Down After Egypt's Massive LGBTQ Crackdown

As queer Egyptians face arrest and police entrapment, activists there told us it's more important than ever to fight government disinformation and propoganda, any way they can.


Inside the Chechen prison where gay men say they were tortured

“My officers would not even want to touch such people, if they exist, let alone beating or torturing them.”


It's Super Dangerous to Be a Journalist in the Philippines

But a brave few are working hard to maintain an independent press.


Is China's Paralympic Dominance Reflected In Their Support For Disabled People?

While China is dominating the Paralympic medal table in Rio, the treatment of disabled people back home still falls painfully short.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Clint Eastwood backs Trump for president, the Supreme Court allows a school to impose the trans bathroom bill, and more.