human smuggling


Donald Trump praises Hispanic border agent for speaking "perfect English"

The president paid tribute to his immigration agencies by expressing his gratitude for “CBC,” which is not a real thing, and complimenting an immigration official on his “perfect English."


Republicans Obsess Over Mexico, but Cops Just Busted Someone for Smuggling People Into Canada

Cops in the Akwesasne First Nation arrested a Canadian resident for trying to smuggle three others into Canada. And it's not the first time.


Hell on High Seas

A record number of migrants are placing their lives in the hands of volatile people smugglers and violent seas in search of safe harbor. How did it get so dire?


Scores of Migrants Found Crammed Into Shipping Containers Near London

The 68 migrants — found at Harwich International Port in Essex, England — included two pregnant women and 15 children. Four truck drivers have reportedly been arrested.


Dozens of Corpses Wash Ashore in Myanmar

The consequences of the human smuggling crackdown in Thailand are now being seen even more graphically, as bodies of migrants abandoned on ships begin to wash ashore in Myanmar.


Southeast Asia Has a Plan to Tackle Human Trafficking, but There's an Elephant in the Room

The word corruption does not appear even once in the new 10-year plan to tackle human trafficking recently signed by six Asian nations — even though it is the grease which keeps the engine running.


Thousands of Rohingya Muslims and Bangladeshis Could Currently Be Adrift at Sea

Smugglers preying on the Muslim Rohingya, one of the world's most persecuted peoples, have been forced to change tactics following a crackdown in Thailand — sparked by the discovery of mass graves.


'The European Asylum System Is Dysfunctional': UNHCR Speaks to VICE News About the Migrant Crisis

UNHCR's Melissa Fleming says the recent migrant disaster must act as a wake-up call for Europe to live up to its moral duties and international obligations, and stop letting people drown.


Smuggling Bust Uncovers Over 100 Migrants Imprisoned in Filthy Stash House

Texas police found 108 people packed into a squalid home near Houston. Smugglers had removed the victims' clothing to make escape harder.


Syrian Refugees Turn to Europe—and Human Smugglers

“I’m not a smuggler,” a man who called himself Abu Khaled said through a crackly speakerphone, “but I can take you to Europe, for a price.”