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People Are Mobilizing To Defend The Right To A Free Internet

Your daily guide to what’s working, what’s not and what you can do about it.


Chickens Are Being Genetically Engineered to Suffer Less

Big chains like Wendy's are rethinking and re-shaping chicken.


The Humane Society Took Secret Video at a Trophy Hunting Convention in Vegas

It gives a raw look at the industry without the veneer of protecting animals.


Luxembourg Is Set to Become the Most Animal-Friendly Country in the World

Proposed new animals rights legislation — which states animals are sentient beings with certain rights, who can experience anguish — has been described as the most progressive in the world.


​Humane Society Removes Cats from Canadian Cat Café Amid Abuse Allegations

An anonymous former employee claims that the cats were mistreated, stressed, and malnourished.


Why Nearly Half a Million Sick Chickens and Turkeys Were Suffocated this Week

A new strain of avian influenza infected thousands of birds in Indiana, leading to a controversial method of euthanasia


Farms Are Intentionally Baking Chickens to Death

A controversial new slaughtering method can take several hours and involves intense suffering.


Your Local Shelter Probably Won't Let You Adopt a Black Cat Around Halloween

You really can't, and it's "because apparently there are bad people," one shelter vaguely told us.


'Ventilation Shutdown': The Gruesome Last Resort for Bird Flu-Infected Farms

In a ventilation shutdown, the air systems in a chicken house are turned off, causing the birds to slowly overheat and suffocate.


$150,000 Raised for Abandoned Research Chimps, But Will Only Last Six Months

The New York Blood Center maintains the chimps are not their responsibility.


North Carolina's Ag-Gag Law Might Be the Worst in the Nation

Critics of the law say it could prevent whistleblowers from reporting abuse in nursing home facilities or health and safety violations in the agricultural sector.


The Last-Ditch Effort to Save Abandoned Lab Chimps from Starving

A crowdfunding campaign has raised nearly $90,000, but it will only go so far.