José Andrés Fed 3 Million People in Puerto Rico, But Wishes It Had Been More

"I think leadership is 51 percent empathy. With empathy, you can gain the hearts of anybody, if you mean business."
Danielle Wayda

The Tech Evangelists Trying to Solve the Refugee Crisis

An international movement called Techfugees aims to get the tech industry involved in aiding the nearly 60 million displaced individuals around the globe.
Kaleigh Rogers

Large-scale Projections Light Up 70 Years of Humanitarian Aid

Tonight, President Hollande and world leaders descend on UNESCO’s Paris headquarters in a call for peace.
Nathaniel Ainley

The WFP Wants to End Global Hunger in 15 Years

The World Food Programme believes that if people can’t feed themselves, there will never be peace. In the next 15 years, it hopes to achieve what it calls Zero Hunger—but it has some significant hurdles to jump.
Matthew Zuras

This Former Nuclear Industry Executive Claims the Fukushima Cleanup Plan Is Infeasible

We talked to nuclear industry engineer Arnie Gunderson about the ongoing aftermath of the infamous 2011 nuclear disaster.
Thomas Marsh

These Women Are Feeding Central American Immigrants Atop a Speeding Train

For 20 years, a group of women known as Las Patronas have been feeding US-bound immigrants from all over Central America as they pass through Mexico on a freight train known as La Bestia—The Beast.
Leopoldo Hernández
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VICE Meets British Politician and Humanitarian David Miliband

We talked about his work at the International Rescue Committee and the role of the international community in humanitarian crises.
VICE Staff
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The Nice Guy at the World's Largest Weapons Expo

It was the second day of the Special Operation Forces Exhibition in Amman, Jordan, and the temperature outside the convention center was around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with a typical chance of rain of zero. Drones of various sizes hovered in the hot...
Matt Yoka