humanitarian crisis


Venezuelans Tell Us Why They're Demanding Change In Their Country

We spent the weekend on the Venezuela-Colombia border with people who risked their lives trying to bring vital humanitarian aid into their country.
Alex Domash

From Afghanistan to Yemen, Here's How to Help the Countries With the Highest Risk For Humanitarian Crises

As war, famine and disaster loom for countries around the world, 2018 will be an important year for regular people to lend a helping hand to those in need.
Bryce Perry
Rise Up

40,000 Door-to-Door Volunteers are Taking on the World’s Largest Humanitarian Crisis

After years of local armed conflict, a volunteer campaign is combatting a cholera crisis in Yemen.
Alice Rowsome

Why Do We Have Borders, Anyway?

Trump's travel ban and the humanitarian crisis in the Middle East raise the question of whether it makes sense to divide the world into neat little packages in the first place.
Stephen Lurie

'Anti-Immigrant' Border Fences Are a Major Threat to Wildlife

Soon, Europe will contain more border walls than it did during the Cold War. What does that mean for wildlife?
Sarah Emerson

Meeting the Syrian Refugees Leaving Lebanon for Europe

Lebanon has taken in one million Syrians displaced by the war raging in their home country. Now, thousands are leaving every day on ferries for Europe.
Martin Armstrong

I Spent a Day at a Greek Refugee Camp

Two-thirds of all those fleeing to Greece land on the small island of Lesvos—just one stage on their long, arduous journey to find sanctuary in mainland Europe.
Helen Nianias

Talking to Deported Immigrants Through the Fence at the US/Mexico Border

Between immigration stories blaring on the news and hostile protests in border towns, it can be easy to forget that the immigrants who have traveled to America are actual human beings.
Shanrah Wakefield

Hundreds of Thousands of Pakistani Civilians Have Been Fleeing Tribal Areas

The Pakistani military's operation began on June 15 following the breakdown in peace negotiations between the government and the Pakistani Taliban after an attack on the Karachi airport by the Pakistani Taliban and Uzbek militants. That attack served...
John Knefel

It Was an Unhappy Second Birthday for the Youngest Country On Earth

South Sudan celebrated its second birthday earlier this month. But festivities for the anniversary of its independence were quiet, presumably because there was little to be festive about. The world's youngest country is currently embroiled in a number...
Jack Barry