Humboldt County


Regulations Are Choking Out California's Legal Weed Industry

A complex licensing system, conflicting state and local rules, and an aggressive enforcement regime has some cannabis industry heads wishing for the good old days.
John Veit

Marijuana and Farm-to-Table Dining Are the Perfect Pairing

I joined NYC-based chef Jesse Aghravi during a marijuana harvest in Humboldt County, where he cooks for crews of "trimmigrants" with local ingredients—and a little bud, too.
Ocean Malandra

The Weed Industry Responds to Accusations of Rampant Sexual Assault

A detailed report published by Reveal investigates the issue of rape and sexual assault for women working on California's cannabis farms. We reached out to leaders in the marijuana industry to understand the scope of the problem.
Gabby Bess

How Unethical Is Buying Weed?

Did you ever wonder if someone got fucked over so you could have that dank ass Purple Urkle?
Mike Pearl
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Growers in California’s Emerald Triangle Are Changing Their Minds About Legal Weed

In a shift that reverses years of either opposing or ignoring attempts at reform, pot farmers in Northern California have started mobilizing to make their crop legal in 2016.
Max Cherney

Will a Lawsuit Revive Humboldt County's Legendary 420 Bash?

A decade-long tradition of gathering among Northern California's Redwoods to smoke pot on April 20 was systematically destroyed, a marijuana activist claims.
Allie Conti

Growing Greener Grass

As marijuana cultivation outgrows its black market roots, the industry, consumers, scientists, regulators, and environmentalists have begun working together toward a more sustainable future.
David Bienenstock