Australia Just Ordered 1,100 High-Powered Armored Vehicles For its Military

The lightweight, blast deflecting Hawkei personnel carrier is ideal for both military operations and humanitarian efforts, but Australia's prime minister said the purchase does not signal a boost to military engagement.


Selling Weapons: It's Good for Business (Excerpt from 'Rearming Iraq')

In this excerpt, VICE News speaks with representatives from arms manufacturers as well as a US military general overseeing foreign military sales about current business in the Middle East.


Iraq Might Have Lost 2,300 Armored US Humvees to the Islamic State in Mosul

Islamic State militants may have captured as many as 2,300 US-provided armored Humvees from Iraqi armed forces when they seized Mosul in June 2014, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi admitted on Sunday.


"Terrorists" Take Over the Stage (Extra Scene from 'Rearming Iraq')

In this extra scene, we catch a glimpse of the opening ceremony at IDEX and speak with a CEO from Saudi Automotive Development Company about the arms race in the Middle East.


Rearming Iraq: The New Arms Race

The United States remains the largest exporter of weapons to the Middle East. VICE News travels to Abu Dhabi to examine the competition between arms manufacturers wanting a bigger part of the lucrative market.


Should the US Send Lethal Aid to Ukraine?

VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky visited rebel-held areas and the capital of Kiev to explore whether it would be wise for the US to arm Ukraine's poorly trained military with advanced weaponry.


ISIS Stole Some Shiny New Weapons From the Iraqi Army

Six months ago, as it swept into the cities of Ramadi and Fallujah in Iraq, ISIS was looking a lot less triumphant in Syria. Since then, ISIS has rampaged even further into Iraq, enabling them to turn their attention back to Syria, now armed with a...