Prime minister makes offer to Hungarian women: Have 4 kids and never pay income tax

“In all of Europe, there are fewer and fewer children, and the answer of the West to this is migration. We Hungarians have a different way of thinking."


German minister says his country’s memory of Nazi crimes is “crumbling” — and the far right is to blame

"Populist provocateurs” are relativizing the horrors of the Holocaust.


Hungary is trying to dismiss massive protests with conspiracy theories about George Soros

An estimated 15,000 demonstrators braved sub-zero temperatures Sunday in a rare show of opposition to Viktor Orban’s government


Hungary’s war on Soros just killed this university

“It is a dark day for Europe and a dark day for Hungary.”


How Hungary helped make George Soros the ultimate villain to nationalists around the world

“It was not sophisticated at all; it was really coming from the playbook of 20th century propaganda campaigns.”


The European Union has finally had enough of Hungary’s nationalist leader Viktor Orban

The report said Hungary posed a “systemic threat to democracy, the rule of law, and fundamental rights.”


Hungarian aid groups would rather go to jail than abandon refugees

“It is a new low point in an intensifying crackdown on civil society, and it is something we will resist every step of the way”


Hungary’s "Stop Soros" bill could make it illegal to feed immigrants

It's the “latest salvo in the Hungarian government’s war on refugees and those who help them.”


Hungary's right-wing leader finally drove out George Soros' philanthropic group

Viktor Orban's fierce public campaign had smeared Soros for undermining his staunchly anti-immigration platform.


Viktor Orban’s xenophobia just landed him another term as Hungary’s PM

"There is a big battle behind us, we have won a crucial victory, giving ourselves a chance to defend Hungary."


The U.N. is not happy with Hungary trying to ban refugee aid groups

It's an “assault on human rights.”


Hungary's anti-Soros campaign now includes anti-immigration bills

Right-wing PM Orbán has unveiled tough laws aiming to stop the liberal billionaire and the causes he supports.