hunger strikes

hunger strikes

How I Felt After a 46-Day Hunger Strike

Lateef Johar Baloch ate nothing for a month-and-a-half to protest enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings.
James McMahon
hunger strike

Israel Claims a Palestinian Hunger Strike Leader Secretly Ate Cookies

A video of the alleged snacking comes only a few weeks after members of Israel's far right taunted prisoners with a barbecue cookout.
Alex Swerdloff

Is the Man Fasting for 55 Days over the Armenian Genocide Risking His Life?

Even though California resident Agasi Vartanyan is experienced at hunger striking and doctors are keeping tabs on him, there's some danger in going almost two months without food.
Mark Hay

British and American Immigrant Detainees Are Going on Hunger Strikes for the Same Rights

A culture of criminalization increasingly shapes migrant life on both sides of the Atlantic.
Aviva Stahl
defense & security

Pentagon Panel Proposes Sweeping Changes that Could Impact Guantanamo Force-Feeding

A committee that advises the Secretary of Defense has recommended that military healthcare workers be allowed to bow out of medical procedures that violate their profession's code of ethics.
Jason Leopold

Protests and Hunger Strikes Are Breaking Out at Immigration Detention Centers in the UK

Anger at bad conditions and indefinite periods of detention has boiled over into widespread protest.
Ben Gelblum
joseph hickman

Murders, Not Suicides (Excerpt from 'The VICE News Interview: Joseph Hickman')

Former Guantanamo Bay guard and Army Staff Sergeant Joseph Hickman explains why he believes three detainee deaths at the detention facility were murders, not suicides.

The VICE News Interview: Joseph Hickman

Former army Staff Sergeant Joseph Hickman speaks with VICE News for the first time on camera about his time as a guard at the Guantanamo Bay detention center, and about the three detainee deaths in 2006 that the government called suicides.
war and conflict

Guantanamo Prisoners Get to Play Video Games in a Recliner — While Being Force-Fed

Military officials at Guantanamo Bay are now allowing well-behaved hunger strikers to kick back and chillax during force-feeding sessions.
Jason Leopold
2014 vice news awards

2014 VICE News Awards: Best Use of Deflective Phrasing — Guantanamo

The facility that rebranded suicide attempts as "self-injurious behavior," and called shackles "humane restraints," outdid itself with the new euphemism they unveiled this year.
Jason Leopold

The Politics of Food: Inside Guantanamo Bay's Kitchen

Gianna Toboni goes on a riveting tour of Gitmo, uncovering the very interesting politics of the camp's kitchen—and finding out what the food is like for the prisoners that aren't on hunger strike.
Gianna Toboni

Syrian Refugees on a Hunger Strike in Athens Are Starting to Collapse

They're protesting their precarious position in the country—they can't legally live or work in Greece, but they can't leave either.
Nick Barnets