hunter gatherer


I Went Hunting for a Partridge in a Tree

The traditional Lac St-Jean tourtière is a succulent combination of potatoes and game (usually a mix of hare, partridge, and moose) baked into a rich, savory pie. And the best way to find your filling is by hunting it yourself.
Xavier Girard Lachaîne and Stéphanie Mercier Voyer

'Hunter Gatherer' Depicts the Struggles of a Former Inmate

We talk with actor Andre Royo and writer/director Joshua Locy about the slow burn success of their new film, <i>Hunter Gatherer</i>.
Carl Brooks Jr.

How to Hunt for Frog Legs on a Golf Course

Michelin-starred chef Iliana Regan seems like the kind of person who’d spend a Sunday evening catching up on <i>Stranger Things</i>, not out stabbing frogs. But she showed me how to hunt and kill some amphibians on a golf course.
Munchies Staff

Meet Jon the Poacher, London's Favorite Forager

Jon is a man who pays attention to the things most Londoners never notice: the abundance of edible fruit, leaves, and fungi that grow in the city's parks and pavements. “Most people will just see trees,” he says. “I can identify them all by their...
Johanna Derry

Risking Death for One of the Sea's Ugliest, Tastiest Creatures

Fishermen in Galicia face death every time the go hunting for percebes, a hideous but highly sought-after barnacle found in the waters here. I followed one man on his harvest to find out why they do it.
Luis Cobelo

This LA Woman Makes Cocktails in the Forest Out of Foraged Shrubs

I joined herbalist and forager Emily Han on an expedition into the Angeles National Forest to learn about little-utilized herbs and turn them into delicious booze.
Clarissa Wei

Hunting and Gathering on the Streets of LA

I joined Pascal Baudar, a self-professed “wild culinary alchemist,” on a foraging tour through one of LA's least forest-like neighborhoods.
Valentina Silva

Hunting in the Hills of Nagaland

I traveled to the Indian state of Nagaland—the site of one of the longest running insurgencies in Asia—in order to fish, hunt, and share in the forest’s bounty.
Michael Snyder

Why I'm a Closeted Duck Hunter

I grew up hunting everything from deer and ducks in Louisiana, but it wasn't until I came into contact with one chef who changed the way that I view the sport that has made me a different hunter, a better chef, and leader.
John Besh

Cooking Wild Duck Is a Plucking Matter

I’ve eaten freshly shot elk heart for breakfast in the Rockies; I’ve removed the scrotum of a German boar without batting an eye. But that was all in the great outdoors. The presence of wild duck innards in my living room is a culinary labor of love I...
Isabella Rozendaal

I Went Duck Hunting with Dutch Aristocrats

Only two percent of the Dutch population hunts. Americans call hunting a sport, but Dutch hunters will go to great lengths to make sure nobody interprets what they do as pleasurable—even though they love it.
Isabella Rozendaal

I Got Caught Up in Tribal Warfare in Papua New Guinea

The hills I lived in have seen countless battles over the last few thousand years. With weapons made of stone and wood, victory relied on skill, but didn't always result in the death of the enemy. Assault rifles will change everything.
Sam Nallen Copley