Hunting Reindeer Involves Jingle Bells and Arctic Temperatures

I went hunting with the indigenous reindeer herding people, Sami, who are facing a very present struggle with climate change and the Norwegian government.
Lars Hinnerskov Eriksen

Ice Fishing Is Amazing, If You Can Stand the Frostbite

Despite freezing temperatures, frostbitten fingers, labyrinths of fishing lines, and sex-toy-like fishing gadgets, ice fishing is surprisingly rewarding—even before you catch your first fish.
Florian Pinel

I Went Hunting for a Partridge in a Tree

The traditional Lac St-Jean tourtière is a succulent combination of potatoes and game (usually a mix of hare, partridge, and moose) baked into a rich, savory pie. And the best way to find your filling is by hunting it yourself.
Xavier Girard Lachaîne and Stéphanie Mercier Voyer

How to Hunt for Frog Legs on a Golf Course

Michelin-starred chef Iliana Regan seems like the kind of person who’d spend a Sunday evening catching up on <i>Stranger Things</i>, not out stabbing frogs. But she showed me how to hunt and kill some amphibians on a golf course.
Munchies Staff

Edible Weeds Are the New Edible Flowers: How One Austin Farm Is Growing Trash as Treasure

The heirloom tomatoes at HausBar Farms are delicious, but the main draw for Austin's most forward-thinking chefs are the tasty weeds that would be discarded anywhere else.
Dan Gentile

I Went Barefoot Foraging by the Bavarian Alps

I joined part-time forager Christiane Viehweger on a walk through the woods to gather wild garlic and dozens of other edible plants.
Diana Hubbell

Climbing Cliffs and Picking Edibles with Noma Australia's Shirtless Forager

A day before Noma Australia's pop up restaurant closed, I spent a day with resident forager Elijah Holland, climbing small mountains in search of wild foods for dinner service. It quickly turned into a Magic Mike photo session.
Phylisa Wisdom

Risking Death for One of the Sea's Ugliest, Tastiest Creatures

Fishermen in Galicia face death every time the go hunting for percebes, a hideous but highly sought-after barnacle found in the waters here. I followed one man on his harvest to find out why they do it.
Luis Cobelo

This Free-Diving Wonder Woman Kills Octopi with Her Bare Teeth

Kimi Werner is a Hawaiian wonder woman/goddess living everybody’s dream life, eating fresh seafood every day that she catches herself and getting paid to surf. We spoke with her to find out how that feels like.
Javier Cabral

The Best Ramps Will Blow Your Head Off

We checked in with forager Steve Stacey for his thoughts on harvesting the lovely, potent, and much sought-after wild leek. Variously known as ramps, these short-lived alliums are basically the seasonal chef’s wet dream.
Hillary Eaton

Dressing My First Deer Cut Me to the Core

While on a hunting trip in Germany, I got up close and personal with Franz Joseph—not the Austrian emperor, but a majestic old stag who lived his life in a deer park.
Isabella Rozendaal

Hunting Wild Boar Is a Waiting Game in Pitch-Black Darkness

Hunting season is coming to an end, so I’m going on one last big game hunt in Germany with a guy named Sjoerd. He's the first hunter I've met from my generation in Amsterdam, which is unique because hunting in Holland is hardly a youthful affair.
Isabella Rozendaal