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Puerto Ricans Aren’t Just Preparing for Hurricane Dorian: 'We’re Preparing for the Government to Fail Us'

Puerto Ricans have little faith that their government will provide any relief after the storm hits.


Puerto Rico’s Governor Is Pissing Off the Island Even More

Protesters clashed with police, who used tear gas to disperse a crowd that threw bottles and rocks.


A Huge Part of Crucial Aid for Puerto Rico is Still In Limbo

Nearly 30,000 homes in Puerto Rico still have temporary roofs, almost two years after Hurricane Maria.


Democrats are about to go to war with Trump over aid to Puerto Rico

And the fight could impact badly needed aid to California, Florida, Georgia, and Midwest.


Trump didn't want to send any disaster-relief money to Puerto Rico but a HUD official said he had to, report says

Pam Patenaude, deputy secretary to HUD-leader Ben Carson, submitted her resignation on Dec. 17.


Meet the Queer Chefs Helping Puerto Rico's Culinary Community Shine

“I’ve never cooked in a kitchen with only queer people, mostly women, and centering Puerto Rican food and ingredients. There’s a lot to say here."


José Andrés Fed 3 Million People in Puerto Rico, But Wishes It Had Been More

"I think leadership is 51 percent empathy. With empathy, you can gain the hearts of anybody, if you mean business."


A year after Maria, Puerto Ricans say tarp-roofs, power outages and PTSD are now a part of life

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Puerto Ricans living on the mainland share their stories of displacement.


5 ways Puerto Rico is forever changed by Hurricane Maria

One year after Maria devastated the island, Puerto Rico has made a partial recovery — but 8 percent of the population has migrated.


Even Republicans are countering Trump's baseless claim about Hurricane Maria deaths

Florida Gov. Rick Scott, for one, defended the independent study that said thousands were lost