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North Korea tells former American prisoner to stop 'babbling' about his hard labor

Kenneth Bae spent almost two years in a North Korean labor camp. Now, on a book tour, he's been talking about his ordeal. And North Korea is not impressed.
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American Detained in North Korea Had 30 Guards to Himself — And They All Wanted to Know About the US

Kenneth Bae was imprisoned in a foreigners camp in Pyongyang for 735 days on charges of trying to overthrow the government. Now he's promoting a new book and campaigning for the release of a Canadian pastor who is going through the same thing.
Tamara Khandaker
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The US Is Thinking About Sending More Weapons to the Korean Peninsula

A day after a US B-52 bomber flew over South Korea in a show of strength responding to North Korea's recent nuclear test, the US is now considering sending more strategic weapons to the region.
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North Korea Blasts Canada for 'Daring to Pick a Quarrel' Over Life Sentence of Pastor

Last week, North Korea's Supreme Court handed down a life sentence with hard labor against Hyeon Soo Lim, a Christian pastor from Mississauga, Ontario, for a long list of what it deemed to be crimes against the state.
VICE News and Reuters
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A Canadian Pastor Has Been Jailed for Life by North Korea for So-Called Crimes Against the State

State prosecutors had sought the death penalty, but Hyeon Soo Lim’s lawyer asked the court to consider that he confessed to all charges and that he was a fellow Korean, the Associated Press reported.
Tamara Khandaker