How to Use Hypnosis for Pain and Anxiety

As in, it's not as outlandish as it sounds.
Julie Stewart
mental health

Psychedelics Might Be Especially Effective in Treating Depression When Combined With Hypnosis

Scientists are exploring the combination of the power of suggestion and the healing potential of psychedelics.
Lea Surugue

Is Hypnosis Good for IBS Symptoms?

"We're going to calm your brain down, and we're going to calm your gut down.”
Shayla Love
mental health

I Did Hypnosis with My Mom to Try and Cure Our Shared Anxiety

I don't know if my tendency to panic is inherited, learned, or a combination of the two. What I do know is that my mom feared the devil might possess me as a baby.
Allie Volpe

'Selling Fine Art Using Hypnosis,' Today's Comic by Brian Blomerth

After doubting Hebby's abilities, Schmulie devises a plan to expose him as a charlatan in front of his potential buyers.
Brian Blomerth
past lives

This Woman Claims Remembering Her Past Life as an Aztec Cured Her Food Addiction

Belinda Ramirez of San Antonio had an absolutely insatiable appetite—that is, until she underwent past life regression therapy and remembered her former life as a starving Aztec woman.
Alex Swerdloff

We Got to the Bottom of Indonesia's Mind-Control Robberies

Local newspapers are full of stories about people being hypnotized into emptying their life's savings by gangs of skilled thieves. Is any of it true?
Alice .

I Tried Hypnosis to See if It Would Make Me a Better Singer, and It Sort of Worked

Hypnotherapy is a booming business, with practitioners claiming to be capable of everything from helping you lose weight to "past life regression." But could it make me sing?
Jak Hutchcraft, Photos: Chris Bethell
The Real: X-Files

We Talked to a Woman Who Helps People Deal with Being Abducted By Aliens

Kathleen Marden is the director of experiencer research at the Mutual UFO Network, where she works on behalf of people who have had extraterrestrial experiences.
Simon Davis

Art Insta of the Week: Inside Philippe Parreno's 'H {N)Y P N(Y} OSIS'

The Armory's drill hall looks like Broadway distilled to fit Parreno's bare bones style.
Beckett Mufson

I Went to Hypnosis Therapy to Get in Touch with My Past Lives

Under hypnosis, I pictured a thief named Alfred wearing clogs and holding a loaf of bread—was he me from 400 years ago?
Robin Cannone

Dominated by a Goddess: Hypnodommes and the Aural World of Erotic Hypnosis

"Trust is the key word here. You can never fully let go if you don't trust your Goddess."
Luke Winkie