Ian Curtis


The Guide to Getting into New Order

From post-Joy Division goth to acid house on The Haçienda dancefloor, New Order are masters of rebirth. Get to know Manchester's finest better as they approach 40 years of anthems.


Think Deep Thoughts When You Make Death & Co's Joy Division Cocktail

Like the Ian Curtis's vocals, Death & Co's Joy Division is complex, dry, and highly potent. It's also deceptively simple—just Cointreau, absinthe, dry vermouth, and dry gin.


Some Guy Is Selling T-Shirts Celebrating Morrissey and Kurt Cobain's Death, so We Asked Him Why

Is there some deep and complex meaning at play that we are just missing every single time, or are they tasteless shitbags?


Coming Soon? The Joy Division Museum

At the price of $297,573, Joy Division superfan Hadar Goldman may make all of our disorderly dreams come true.


Joy Division’s Stephen Morris: “We Were Never Given the Opportunity to Make That Shit Third Album.”

The band's original drummer on memory, mourning, and Manchester.


My Therapist Said I Don't Have to Listen to Joy Division Anymore

Sometimes, you have to walk away before love tears you apart.


Would You Have Been Ian Curtis's Pal?

Because he really could have used a friend to talk to.


Booze Monday

Barney Sumner used to drink far too fucking much.