Ian MacKaye

Remembering Things

Remember That Time Radiohead Played a Surprise Show at Washington, DC's 9:30 Club?

Read two excerpts of the book celebrating the iconic club's 35th anniversary, featuring comments from Henry Rollins, Ian MacKaye, and more.
Noisey Staff
Internet Exploring

A 14 Year-Old Dave Grohl Sent Fanmail to Fugazi's Ian MacKaye

"Good thrash"
Emma Garland

We Asked Steve Aoki About His Favorite Hardcore and Straight Edge Albums on Ian MacKaye's Birthday

Happy birthday Ian MacKaye!
Rod Glacial

Why Fugazi's Politics Are as Frighteningly Relevant Today as They Were in 1988

From gentrification to sexual assault on college campuses, Ian MacKaye's dire predictions for the future have all come true.
Mason Adams
Objectively Correct Lists

When Hardcore Grows Up: 12 Bands Who’ve Changed with Age

From Blacklisted to Cave In (and yeah, even AFI).
Ben Sailer

Jim Saah Learned How to Use His Camera During the Height of DC Hardcore

I spoke to him about all his amazing photos of your favorite hardcore bands.
Oliver Lunn

Stream the Legendary Fugazi's First Demo in Full

The demo that launched some of the greatest releases in punk history, streaming now
Noisey Staff
Neither Big nor Easy

Dee Slut Is Not Mad at Henry Rollins

Legendary New Orleans punk rocker Dave Turgeon (a.k.a. Dee Slut) should be Henry Rollins's nemesis, after they both tried out to be the lead singer of Black Flag in 1981. On the occasion of a vinyl re-release from his band the Sluts, Turgeon discussed...
Michael Patrick Welch
nfl preview 2014

The NFL Previewed in Song, Part V: The NFC East

Busta Rhymes and Minor Threat help us look at a division of obviously flawed teams.
VICE Sports

The Music Scene According to Blink

The guy behind Camp a Low Hum just wrote a book about the state of the New Zealand music scene.
Sally Beaver
Noisey Blog

Own the House Where Minor Threat Played Their First Show

It costs way more than $7.
Dan Ozzi
The Jaded Punk

I Guess I'm Straight Edge?

Drinking culture sucks. Straight edge culture sucks. I’m stuck in teetotaling limbo.
Dan Ozzi