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Only White People Can Get Away With the Microdosing Trend

Americans have been increasingly vocal about the potential benefits of psychedelics. But there are few, if any, black voices contributing the conversation. Why?
Carmen Chandler

LSD and DMT Caused the Brain to Form New Connections in Flies and Rats

The effects of psychedelic drugs on neurite density is a promising sign that they may be useful in treating depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.
Daniel Oberhaus

This Psychedelic Drug Targets Addiction and Depression

Researchers are rediscovering ibogaine's therapeutic effects.
Mark Hay

Australian Heroin Addicts Can't Use Ibogaine to Kick the Habit

Many swear by the addiction-ridding powers of the controversial psychotropic plant, but it remains banned in Australia.
Chris Shearer
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A Shaman, an Exile, and a Rapper Are Bringing a Hallucinogenic Heroin Cure to Afghanistan

The three men are working to open the country's first rehab clinic specializing in treatment with the vision-inducing drug ibogaine.
Keegan Hamilton

Kicking Addiction by Going from Heroin to Methadone to Ibogaine

After 20 years of taking methadone and dabbling with heroin, David Graham Scott kicked the habit with the aid of a powerful psychedelic.
Chem Squier
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Kicking Heroin with an Ibogaine Ceremony

Enter ibogaine, a drug made out of the African iboga root, whose intense, hallucinogenic properties make it a class-A felony drug. But many swear it's the most effective way to kick heroin addiction.
VICE Staff

A New Episode of Our TV Show Is Airing Tonight

Here at the VICE HQ we have a gigantic hourglass that we reset each week to count down the days until the next week's HBO show. It takes ten interns all heaving at once to flip it, and the chances of one of them getting pinned underneath or losing a...
VICE Staff
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A Japanese Asthma Drug May Help Curb Meth and Heroin Addiction

There is a desperate need for drugs that reduce cravings in drug addicts, drugs that might function in ways radically different from the current addiction treatment arsenal.
Kelly Bourdet