Duterte just threatened to arrest an International Criminal Court prosecutor

“You cannot exercise any proceedings here without basis. That is illegal and I will arrest you.”


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Nancy Pelosi delivers eight-hour "DACA-buster" on House floor, DHS says Russians hacked US voting systems, White House reportedly knew about Rob Porter allegations, and more.


Syria's war criminals could get away with it

Syria's war criminals could get away with it


Ben Stokes is the Biggest Trash Talker in Cricket

Ben Stokes is no ordinary cricketer; he's tatted in sleeves with a brash personality better suited for a fight promoter than cricket whites, Stokes is the new face of English cricket.


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Mike Flynn somehow in more trouble than ever, generals urge Trump to surge troops in Afghanistan, South Korea picks a new president, and more.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

President-elect Trump to meet Japanese PM in New York, more than 300 US companies urge him to stay in climate pact, Clinton exhorts followers to "never, ever give up," and more.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump got booed for his remarks at a charity dinner, the NSA contractor who stole intelligence files will be charged under the Espionage Act, a Mexican judge approved El Chapo's US extradition, and more.


ICC Drops Crimes Against Humanity Case Against Kenyan Deputy Vice President Ruto

Tuesday's ruling to throw out the case against William Ruto and Kenyan television journalist Joshua arap Sang ends a controversial trial over a wave of violence that occurred after Kenya's 2007 elections.


The ICC Just Convicted Ex-Militia Leader and Vice President Jean-Pierre Bemba of War Crimes

The International Criminal Court issued the verdict on Monday from The Hague, finding Jean-Pierre Bemba guilty of five crimes against humanity and war crimes, for murder, rape, and pillaging.


UN Calls for Kim Jong-un to Be Prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity

Political prison camps, torture, "slave-like labor" and religious persecution remain features of the state apparatus, two years after a landmark UN investigation into crimes against humanity.