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Somehow Nickelback Made Ice Cube's Meathead Racing Flick 'Torque' a Classic

Fifteen years after its release, we look back on the sappy bro soundtracks that defined the nativist exceptionalism of the post-9/11 years.
Gary Suarez
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Fuck It, Let's Listen to a New Ice Cube Song Called "Arrest The President"

He suggests that Donald Trump is Satan before dismissing your "vape sticks." It is, in some sense, heroic.
Alex Robert Ross

The Untold Stories Behind These Legendary Hip-Hop Portraits

"After Ice Cube's concert, I went backstage to give him some photos we'd shot that afternoon. When the door opened, his bodyguard asked if I could bring some ice cubes."
Matthijs van Camerijk
Does It Suck?

Does 'Anaconda' Actually Suck?

We look back on 1997's snake-themed horror film to see if a great cast and enough silliness can save a terrible script.
Kate Robertson
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Ice Cube Responds to Creepy-Ass Trump Propaganda With ‘Fallon’ Monologue Bit

“Let me guess—his ass went golfing."
Alex Robert Ross
Old Dudes

Ice Cube's Big3 League Has an Old Man Problem

Injuries played a significant role in the opening day of Ice Cube's new 3-on-3 league.
Sean Newell

Rashad McCants is Trying to Write a BIG3 Redemption Story

Injuries and attitude issues derailed his NBA career, but the former North Carolina star believes Ice Cube's new three-on-three summer league will let him finish on a high note.
Tim Casey

Ice Cube Says He'd Give Mayweather and McGregor T-Mobile Arena for the Right Price

The rapper's new basketball league is already booked for boxing's special night.
Josh Rosenblatt
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Ice Cube Confronts Bill Maher over Use of Racial Slur

"You got a lot of black jokes," the rapper told Maher last night. "Sometimes you sound like a redneck trucker."
Alex Robert Ross
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Guess Who Is Playing Fagin in a Forthcoming Remake of Oliver Twist?

This is actually happening, people.
Lauren O'Neill

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Study shows Gitmo guards suffer from major PTSD, Trump says African Americans are "living in hell" at a rally in Florida, Adele endorses Clinton at a Miami show with the candidate in the audience, and more.
VICE Staff

Ice Cube Burns the Raiders, the Patriots Need an Arm, and More from NFL Week 2: Dumb Football with Mike Tunison

The Raiders defense have allowed 69 points through two games (nice, but also not really), the Patriots need a backup backup QB, and we have a take on Lady Gaga performing the Super Bowl halftime show.
Mike Tunison