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This Terrifying Video Shows Just How Bad the Ice Melt Has Gotten in Greenland

After a blazing-hot July, over 200 billion tons of Greenland's ice sheet has melted away.


NASA Discovered a ‘Disturbing’ Glacier Hole Two-Thirds the Size of Manhattan

A new study from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory found that 14 billion tons of ice have almost entirely disappeared from Thwaites Glacier in the last three years.


What It’s Like to Travel By Sailboat Through the Arctic

In 2016, a family of seven—including a baby—sailed through the Northwest Passage on a 50-foot boat to document climate change.


23-Million-Year-Old Leaves Helped Solve an Antarctic Climate Mystery

Carbon dioxide spiked at the same time as the rapid melt.


If We Burn All the World's Fossil Fuels, We'll Melt Antarctica & Flood the Earth

Scientists have finally answered the 'Antarctica Question,' and the answer is: Stop burning goddam coal and oil.


​Obama Heads to the Arctic for a Photo Op with Our Melting Future

It’s the first time a sitting US president has visited Alaska, and it’s because the place is heating up.


By 2100, Earth Will Have an Entirely Different Ocean

A complete guide to the hotter, higher, trashier, fish-free oceans of the near future.


The Most Important Models in the World

They require massive supercomputers, they simulate the Earth's future, they're poorly understood—and they're analyzed above the Seinfeld diner in New York.


Exclusive: Arctic Drone Footage of a Melting, Human-Stained Greenland

This exclusive, stunning UAV footage of the vast 'dark' snow and ice of human-stained Greenland helps climatologists determine how fast it's melting.


Oh, Great: Antarctica and Greenland Are Melting Faster Than Ever

The two largest ice sheets in the world are melting faster than any time in the last 20 years.