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To Hell And Back

We Should Be Hopeful About Metal's Future

How two young Japanese girls convinced me that metal is changing for the better (plus new tunes from Carpe Noctem, Minority Threat, Domkraft, To End It All, and more).
Kim Kelly

World Narcosis Inject Chaotic Grind Into Iceland's Extreme Metal Scene

Stream the Reykjavik quartet's bonkers new album, 'Lyruljóra,' out December 1 via Why not? plötur! and Vánagandr.
Kim Kelly

Auðn's New LP Represents the Next Generation of Icelandic Black Metal

Stream the quartet's stunning new Season of Mist debut, 'Farvegir Fyrndar,' and read on for their thoughts on Mayhem, tech death, and leaving their island home.
Louise Brown

GlerAkur's Debut Illustrates the Dynamic, Bombastic Side of Icelandic Metal

Stream 'The Mountains Are Beautiful Now,' the ambitious debut album from this eclectic Icelandic metal/drone composer.
Zoe Camp
festivals 2016

"No Assholes Allowed:" Iceland's Eistnaflug Fest Is the Most Fun a Metalhead Can Have This Side of Hell

We spent a weekend way up North worshipping black metal and dancing to Perturbator beneath the midnight sun.
Kim Kelly
festivals 2016

Roadburn Day II: Dark Buddha Rising, an Icelandic Wolf's Mass, and the Return of G.I.S.M.

The second day of this famed Dutch festival offered Japanese punks, Finnish prog freaks, and more Icelandic magic.
Kim Kelly
we saw this

Scenes from Iceland's First International Black Metal Festival, Oration MMXVI

Photographer Laufey Elíasdóttir captured the darkness, danger, and intensity of Svartidauði, Misþyrming, Wormlust, Sinmara, and more in stark black and white.
Kim Kelly