The Best Christmas Presents for the Music Fan You Don't Know All That Well

Look, we get it, buying stuff for relative strangers can be hard, so here's a few of the weirder things that musicians are selling this year.


Your Boss Should Pay You to Have More Fun at Work

Letting your mind roam, even during work hours, can lead to more creative ideas. A pay bump does the trick too.


How to Cyberbully a Ghost Into Leaving Your House

“In the footage, the ghost’s terrifying expression quickly fades. It seems confused by Frank’s reaction, its black eyes squinting in perplexed disbelief.”


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A brief guide to writing for Motherboard.


No Country for Young Scientists

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100 Years After Einstein's Relativity, We're Still Just Figuring Gravity Out

The most apparent of forces is still far and away the most mysterious of them.


​Bikram Yoga Can’t Be Copyrighted. Neither Should APIs.

“Interoperability” isn’t quite the right word for why other yoga studies used the Bikram yoga Sequence, but the reasoning is similar.


Weapons of Mass Persuasion

Online advertising has allowed governments and political entities to weaponize the marketplace of ideas. Is there anything we can do about it?


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On selfies, Lacan, and the modern mirror stage.


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This is either a totally great idea or a terrible one.


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