Identical Twins


Everything We've Learned from NASA's Study of Identical Twin Astronauts

A year-long experiment involving Mark and Scott Kelly found that long duration space trips affect genes, eyeballs, and cognitive abilities.


Ten Questions You Always Wanted to Ask Identical Twins

What's it like to constantly be around another human being who's just like you? And have you ever slept with the same person?


Stephen Colbert Doesn't Own 'Stephen Colbert,' According to Comedy Central

Wednesday night, 'Late Show' host Stephen Colbert had to retire the character we grew to know and love during his days on 'The Colbert Report.'


'Can I Get Rid of My Own Shadow?’: When Twins Try to Murder Each Other

Being an identical twin is nothing like "The Parent Trap." For some, the sibling bond can fuel their cruelest instincts—including a desire to kill their own sister or brother.


What it's Like Being Gay and Non-Gay Identical Twins

Despite sharing the same DNA and usually the same upbringing, identical twins can diverge in sexuality. We asked two Melbourne twins to discuss what that difference meant for them.


We Spoke to Hollywood Filmmakers Jen and Sylvia Soska, the Twisted Twins, About Slasher Stereotypes and Dead-Beat Hollywood Men

Jen and Sylvia Soska will tell you how being identical twins is like having a VIP pass to some of the weirdest shit you'll ever see, so they weren't short on material for their movies.