Identity politics


ContraPoints Is the Opposite of the Internet

By combining humor, drag, and philosophy, YouTuber Natalie Wynn is cutting through today's culture wars with clarity and logic.
Jake Hall
Privacy and Perception Issue

The Stages of My Life in Usernames

"Who knows what people are doing in real life so long as they present their purest front online? What is the opposite of catfishing?"
Aditi Kini
Views My Own

'Identity Politics,' Not Trump Voters, Will Save Democrats

I know lots of Trump supporters. Democrats aren't going to get them to switch sides by downplaying racism.
Issac J. Bailey

The Future of VR Will Be Social, Culturally Diverse—Oh, and It's Already Here

Virtual reality is providing new opportunities for women and people of color, but has huge implications for human identity in the future.
Beckett Mufson

An Artist Seeks Herself in Images of Male Role Models

Carlee Fernandez combines self-portraiture and cardboard cutouts to explore the identity politics of celebrity culture.
Andrew Nunes

The Subversive New Generation of Asian American Writers

Real talk between writers Jenny Zhang, Tanwi Nandini Islam, and Karan Mahajan on race, writing, parents, sex, and the ongoing creation of the Asian American canon.
Karan Mahajan

Why Are So Many People Legally Changing Their Names?

The growing number of people changing their names in the UK signals a cultural shift in the way we think about identity.
Tess Reidy

We Talked to the Director of 'Dear White People' About Race, Identity, and Black Cinema

After launching scores of think pieces this summer, <i>Dear White People</i> is actually in theaters and it's one of the most thoughtful films about race in a long time. Writer/director Justin Simien chatted with us about his thoughts on a third way in...
Dave Schilling

Is Congressman Charlie Rangel Still King in Harlem?

The most charming gravel-voiced, ethically troubled politician in New York just keeps hanging on.
Michael Tracey