Idle No More


The RCMP Used Police Databases and Social Media to Track Aboriginal Protestors

The RCMP then made their identities known to front-line officers.
Jordan Pearson

Buffy Sainte-Marie on Winning the Polaris Prize, Viet Cong, and Indigenous Activism

After winning the biggest prize in Canadian music this week, the long-time activist dispenses advice on how to fight the Man.
James Wilt

Canada’s Truth Commission on Residential Schools Is Coming to a Troubling Close

It appears that the commission is ending just as it was gaining speed.
Mayana C. Slobodian

This New Documentary Explores One of Guantánamo’s Most Baffling Cases

Canada's prime minister, Stephen Harper, doesn't care about Uyghurs—he cares about pandas.
Chris Bilton

Why Are Aboriginal People Who Use Toronto's Community Clinics Dying So Young?

Aboriginal people who use Toronto's community clinics have an average age of death of 37, a number in line with failed states like Yemen and Angola.
Wab Kinew

Chemical Valley's Children Have Banned Chemicals in Their Blood

Chemicals that were banned from use in the 40s and 50s are still ubiquitous in the Chemical Valley. So much so that they're showing up in the bloodstreams of children from the nearby First Nations reserve, Aamjiwnaang.
Patrick McGuire

A Toxic Tour of Canada's Chemical Valley

The most shocking thing about Sarnia, Ontario’s “Chemical Valley” is that people actually live there. More than 60 oil refineries and petrochemical plants—40 percent of Canada’s total chemical industry—operate within 15 miles of the valley, which...
Michael Toledano

What Exactly Is Idle No More?

In an era where the streets of Athens seem to be permanently burning, senseless partisanship nearly sent America off the fiscal cliff, and a delicate global economy fuels revolutions everywhere, continual political unrest is par for the course. Even...
Ben Makuch

Our Mystic Gave Us the Inside Scoop on 2013

The year 2012 didn’t end up being the apocalyptic Mayan bloodbath we all expected. So, since we're going to be dicking around here for a while longer, what can we expect from 2013? To answer this question we called our go-to for all things mystical...
Brad Casey