Noisey Mix

96 Back’s Noisey Mix Is a Thoughtful Rave

The Sheffield-born, Bristol-based producer’s new set comes in celebration of a colorful, geometric record called ‘Excitable, Girl,’ due out soon on Central Processing Unit.
Colin Joyce

The IDM List Gave Intelligent Dance Music Its Name and Geeky Legacy

Musicians and fans look back on the niche online hub they cultivated 25 years ago, and how it framed dance music that wasn't really for dancefloors.
Sam Davies
Free Radicals

When Times Are Challenging, Listen to Music That Challenges You

Autechre’s new album is intimidatingly abstract and eight hours long, which is an ungodly amount of music to listen to in one sitting. You should try it.
Colin Joyce

IDM Idioms & 9 More Things We Love on the Dance Music Internet

Idris Elba, Moogfest, Bookworms and more made our list of the week's best things.
Britt Julious

IDM Was the Romanticism of the New Millennium

What do Aphex Twin and Brahms have in common? What if we told you that Beethoven used the same expository technique as Autechre?
Giovanni Coppola
Important Questions Raised By...

Do These Studio Videos Prove That Justin Bieber Is the Next Aphex Twin?

Who knew that a Canadian pop star would revive IDM?
Phil Witmer
thump exclusive stream

'Trust' Us, Max Cooper's New Single Is an Autumnal Electronica Track for the Ages

Ever wanted a soundtrack to examining hyper-dimensionality, complex symmetries, the interaction of chromosomes, the potential of multi-cellularity, and the emergence of consciousness? You're in luck!
Josh Baines

Dance Music 101: An Online Reading Course

Brush up on your knowledge of the major electronic genres.
Michaelangelo Matos
off the record

Dance Music 101: An Online Reading Course

Brush up on your knowledge of the major electronic genres with the latest installment of Off the Record.
Michaelangelo Matos

Mike Paradinas on How Boardgames, Spliffs, and Vodka Influenced His Off-the-Wall LP with Aphex Twin

One half of Mike & Rich recounts the making of 'Expert Knob Twiddlers' ahead of its upcoming 20th anniversary reissue.
Gary Suarez

Watch Otto Von Schirach's Truly Tripped Out Video for "Biscayne Block Boyz"

The Miami booty bass master teams up with his crew for an intergalactic bus ride 'cos what else are you gonna do when your bus driver gets the shits?
Kim Taylor Bennett
Holy Shit

Celestial Trax Made the Weirdest Remix of Korn's "Freak On a Leash"

Forever a freak.
John Hill